29 Jan
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Check out our Testimonials from participating students, teachers & parents:


“Indeed the Story Challenge Tournament is a good platform for students to tap on their creativity, spontaneity and teamwork as they come together to present stories, given the topics and conditions. It allows students to think on their feet and draw on personal experiences as they present entertaining yet thought provoking stories. The pre-competition workshop is also a good way for the students to get a taste of the competition and this year’s offer of conducting workshops in our schools is wonderful. Thank you for the extra effort!”
Mrs. Angeline Lim, teacher, Nanyang Girls’ High School


“When my teacher Ms Han told us about this, we had no idea what it was. We just signed up for it as a group and went into it. From then we got to know more about Story Challenge. We have learnt many things. In fact, our friendship bond has increased. We feel disappointed, obviously, for not winning, but it was a great experience. We’ll definitely be back next year!”
~ G. Dharshen, student, Teck Whye Secondary School


“Apart from learning theatre skills, drama skills or English, more importantly they learnt life skills of dealing with ups and downs, coping with disappointments and how to overcome that and not just sit in regret. This was a great experience for them, especially at Sec 1, and I hope to send in more teams next year. However, I know that there’s a cap of 2 teams per school and we will also look at the individual categories to develop students who are more confident speaking alone. I think this is really a great opportunity for students to be confident in a small venue because this is not the theatre, where it’s big, but probably just a 50-seater so they would still feel that space is quite safe. I think this was a great effort by The Theatre Practice, so thank you very much.”
~ Ms Han Yi Qian, teacher, Teck Whye Secondary School


“We have learnt that we must look at things from different perspectives, not just at the actual words themselves. You must not be so nervous and you must have fun because when you have fun, you will do well in the competition.”
~ Tan Jia Le, student, Evergreen Secondary School


“I learnt that team spirit is very important. We prepared quite a lot (for this competition) and I have to thank Mr Zachary Ho. He’s a really good trainer. I really hope I can participate again next year. Story Challenge rocks!”
~ Yeo Hui Qi, Eunice, student, Evergreen Secondary School


“We learnt a lot, like how to work together as a team. Trying to produce a story in front of a big audience requires a lot of courage and team work. We must trust our team mates. If someone slips up, we cannot blame him, but should instead try to build it together in the story. If something is not right in the story, we will try to patch it up and improvise. Our teachers taught us how to develop a story, given a topic and condition. They taught us how to really think on the spot, gather any ideas and combine them to form a great story.”
~ Joel Tan En Sheng, student, Yangzheng Primary School


“Our teachers taught us about time management. If it was below 3 minutes, they would tell us that it was too short and how to make the story longer.”
~ Hayden Chua Sheng Heng, student, Yangzheng Primary School


“I think this competition is great for the children in terms of their stage experience and also getting their language right. I encouraged Hayden by giving him feedback on the way he performed. I think he learnt how to interact in terms of cooperation and team work, and most importantly improving on his English language skills.”
~ Mr Tony Chua, parent of Hayden Chua, Yangzheng Primary School




Ms Jacquelyn Chan Jiat Luang, teacher, National Junior College


Ms Lee Wan Yin, teacher, Maris Stella High School


Mr Allan Ho Chee Leong, teacher, River Valley High School


~ Mr Yang Wen Zhong, teacher, Hwa Chong Institution (华侨中学)

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