15 Feb
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Free Story Challenge assembly shows & training workshops

*Update: With the support of National Library Board, we are able to offer Free Story Challenge School Performances and Training Workshops for 2013 – limited sessions available only.

Please contact us ASAP to arrange for this. Tel: 6337 2525
Email: TTPeducation@practice.org.sg 


Ahoy! With the National Story Challenge Tournament not far off on the horizon, sail right into it smoothly by knowing all you can about Story Challenge and how to work it!

We offer schools opportunities to know more about Story Challenge and its format:

A) The Great Campus Story Challenge School Performance

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Story Challenge! Faster than you can say on-the-spot improvisation, The Theatre Practice brings the mind-bending, fast-talking madness of Story Challenge straight to your schools. Watch as actors perform a Story Challenge improvisation right before your eyes. Students have a role to play as well: They participate by contributing themes and conditions for the stories to be told by our quick-thinking actors. They are given a mere five minutes to create each story, so be prepared for hilarious and witty results. Students may even attempt the challenge onstage and join the actors in the performance. But they have to stay nimble and alert. There’s no telling where the story will go!

Target Audience: Primary and Secondary Level
Available Booking Dates: 02/01/2013 – 15/11/2013
Language: Mandarin OR English (Please choose one)
Duration: 45minutes(Assembly show)
Fee:  $1,200 + prevailing GST
Venue & Technical Requirements: School hall or auditorium; sound equipment will be provided.


B) The Great Campus Story Challenge Workshop

The Great Campus Story Challenge Workshop is a fun way to free the mind, loosen the tongue, and go with the flow! In 4-8 hours within a few training sessions, students will warm up through theatre games, and find new ways to express themselves via creative movement, voice training and improvisational acting. They will learn to think and work fast as a team to spin wondrous tales based upon the themes and conditions given. The Workshop can be used as a foundation to train students before they pit their skills against other schools at the National Story Challenge Tournament.

Target Audience: Primary and Secondary Level
Student Capacity: Maximum 25 per class
Language: Mandarin OR English (Please choose one)
Duration: 4 sessions, 2 hours each
Fee:  $960 + prevailing GST


C) Customised Story Challenge Course

The Story Challenge Workshop can be extended into a longer series of Enrichment or In-Curriculum lessons to provide students with a more in-depth training in creative thinking, story development and improvisational performance. On a deeper level, students become more observant, learn to critically evaluate current issues, and hence improve their language skills, as well as expand their knowledge bank for use in story writing and performing.


1)    Theatre games – for team collaboration, awareness of oneself and others, creativity, self-confidence, and loosening up of the body.

2)    Theatre training – for character development, enhanced analytical skills, and confidence in using the language to spin narratives.

3)    Story Challenge – an improvisational storytelling format to provide a platform for small-group presentations, as a culmination of the skills learnt.

Student Capacity: Maximum 25 per class
Language: Mandarin OR English (Please choose one)
Duration: 8 sessions, 2 hours each
Fee per instructor: $120 per hour + prevailing GST
Please contact our course coordinators for details.
Tel: 6337 2525     |     Email: TTPeducation@practice.org.sg


For enquiries on these courses, or on the other programmes offered by The Theatre Practice, please visit our website:

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