17 Feb
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Preliminaries (English & Chinese) timeslots out!

The timeslots and sequence order for the Preliminaries (Sat 28) have been balloted, and the information can be found in the links below – click to view the links for each category:

 English Category Chinese Category 
 Primary English Individual  Primary Chinese Individual
 Primary English Team  Primary Chinese Team
 Secondary English Individual  Secondary Chinese Individual
 Secondary English Team  Secondary Chinese Team

*Please note:

Students cannot be late for their respective Reporting times, or they will be disqualified from participating.
Students have to bring their student photo-id cards for identification if we do not already have photocopies of their students IDs, or they will be disqualified.
Each team has to decide on the 3 participants upon registration on 1 Mar, and no changes to be made thereafter.
The Preliminaries are not open for teachers or others to observe.
Results will be out at approximate timings, and then balloting for Semi-finals will take place. The whole balloting process will take 20min. Please arrange for transport accordingly.
As there are many entries, the Preliminaries will end later for the Team categories, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Primary – approximate timings that results will be out:
English Individual – 1-1.30pm
English Team – 1.30-2pm
Chinese Individual – 11.30am-12pm
Chinese Team – 12-12.30pm

Secondary – approximate timings that results will be out:
English Individual – 5-5.30pm
English Team – 5.30-6pm
Chinese Individual – 4.30-5pm
Chinese Team – 5-5.30pm


For all Malay and Tamil categories, there is no need for preliminaries as the number of participants are not overly high. Hence, to give everyone a better competitive opportunity, all Malay and Tamil participants will go straight through to the Semi-finals on Sat 7 Mar. 

They need not come for the Prelims on 28 Feb.

Thank you and see you soon!

1 Comment

  • Hi, my son’s school (ACS Barker Sec) mother tongue dept teacher Mr Balasubramaniam, has been trying to call you to register the school’s students for tamil category. There has been no response. Since the competition is next saturday, please help with the registration process. Details for your ref..

    Name of the student: Ambriesh Karthikeyan
    School : ACS Barker Road
    Class : Secondary 2 Abraham
    NSTC category : Tamil (Individual)

    Your acknowledgement is appreciated.

    Deepa Karthik@83214350

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