2 Mar
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NSC 2016 Results for Semi-finals are out!

The results, timeslots and sequence order for the Semi-finals ( 5 Mar) are out! Click on the links below to find out:

 English Category Chinese Category 
 Primary English Individual  Primary Chinese Individual
 Primary English Team  Primary Chinese Team
 Secondary English Individual  Secondary Chinese Individual
 Secondary English Team  Secondary Chinese Team
 Malay Category Tamil Category 
 Primary Malay Individual  Primary Tamil Individual
 Primary Malay Team  Primary Tamil Team
 Secondary Malay Individual  Secondary Tamil Individual
 Secondary Malay Team  Secondary Tamil Team

*Please note:

  • Students are to be punctual for their respective Reporting times, or they will be disqualified from participating if they miss their competing timings.
  • Either student photo IDs or photocopies of the IDs can be used for registration.
  • Each team has to decide on the 3 participants upon registration on the day itself, and no changes to be made thereafter. The reserve team member can be changed in each competing round.
  • Teachers, family and friends are warmly invited to view the Semi-finals as well.
  • Results will be announced at approximate timings, whereby judges will give their comments, and balloting for the Finals will take place.
  • The whole process will take approximately 1hr 30min from the reporting time. Please arrange for transport accordingly.
  • Our staff will ballot the Finals timeslots for participants who are unable to stay for the Results.

Semi-finals: Sat 5 Mar – Results out:
English categories
Primary Individual & Team (PEI & PET): 1230 – 1300
Secondary Individual & Team (SEI & SET): 1700 – 1730
Mandarin categories
Primary Individual & Team (PCI & PCT): 1230 – 1300
Secondary Individual & Team (SCI & SCT): 1700 – 1730
Malay categories
Primary Individual & Team (PMI & PMT): 1230 – 1300
Secondary Individual & Team (SMI & SMT): 1630 – 1700
Tamil categories
Primary ndividual & Team (PTI & PTT): 1030 – 1100
Secondary Individual & Team (STI & STT): 1230 – 1300


See you at the Semi Finals!

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